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The City of Helsinki allocates its office, commercial and industrial plots mainly by leasing.

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Available commercial plots

Vacant office and commercial plots owned by the City of Helsinki are available in the following districts, among others: Haaga, Malmi, Pukinmäki, Suutarila, Tapanila, Vartiokylä, Viikki and Vuosaari. 

Vacant industrial plots are available in the following districts: Kivikko, Ormuspelto, Suutarila and Tapanila. Industrial plots are not leased as premises to be rented out or as warehouses.

Vacant office and commercial plots owned by the City of Helsinki - Open larger map(Link leads to external service)

Plots and premises in draw

You can find all the plots now available for draw on the Plot draws and competitions page.

Read about renting business space on the Renting business space page.

Plots in ongoing draw are leased directly to the user for running a business. 

How the allocation of commercial plots proceeds

  1. Notify the city if you are interested in a vacant plot

    If you are interested in a plot, please send an email notification to opens default mail program)

    Enter the following information in your notification:

    • Address of the plot  
    • Information about the company: industry, number of employees and turnover
    • Preliminary information about the building to be constructed on the plot: size, space distribution and construction schedule.

    We will reply to you within 1–2 weeks.

  2. The city enters a plot in public draw

    If the application is feasible, we will enter the plot in a fixed-term public draw process in accordance with the City of Helsinki’s plot allocation principles. We allocate plots directly without a public draw only in exceptional cases.

    The application period is usually about 1 month. 


  3. The city chooses the recipient of the plot

    We choose the recipient of the plot based on negotiations, accounts and the city’s plot allocation guidelines. Among others, the choice is influenced by the field of activity of the company to be located on the plot, the number of employees and the company’s turnover.

  4. The city reserves the plot for about a year

    If the implementation of the project requires further clarification, we reserve the plot for about a year.

    The reservation period is free of charge.

    The party who has reserved the plot must apply for an extension of the reservation period no later than approximately two months before the end of the reservation period by using the application form. The Plots unit reserves the right to request further information as necessary.

    If the plot has already been leased for a short period for the purpose of applying for a building permit at the end of the reservation period, there is no need to apply for an extension to the reservation.

    Send the application by email to opens default mail program).

    Application to extend the reservation of a commercial plot

  5. The city signs a short-term lease agreement for applying for permits

    The recipient of the reservation of the plot sends an application to the city for a short-term lease agreement for applying for permits.

    The temporary lease period is usually 6 months. The rent for the plot during this period equals a 2-month land rent.

  6. The person who has reserved the plot applies for a building permit

  7. Land lease agreement or a deed of sale

    We allocate plots by leasing or by selling in special cases.  In the implementation of the plot, the plot tenant or owner must comply with the terms of the land lease agreement or deed of sale.


Contact information

Please send inquiries about vacant plots to opens default mail program).

In matters concerning lease agreements and lease, please contact:

Sports and exercise areas

The sports services of the Culture and Leisure Division are responsible for the leasing of sports and exercise areas for sports activities. Please contact opens default mail program)

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