Environmental education and the Nature Centre

Learn about the environmental education organised by the Helsinki Environmental Services and the activities of Harakka’s marine Nature Centre. On this page, you will find free environmental education activities and materials for daycare centres, schools and city residents.
Ympäristökasvattaja jakaa lapsille luuppeja metsässä
Photo: Raisa Ranta

Harakka Nature Centre

Located near Kaivopuisto, the Harakka Nature Centre offers experiences, activities and information about the Baltic Sea, archipelago nature and a sustainable lifestyle. Harakka Nature Centre operates in historical premises on the lovely island of Harakka, which has an unparalleled wealth of vegetation and birds. A few minutes away by ferry, you are by the open sea in the delicate nature of the archipelago!

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Ilmari – Climate-Smart Mover

The Ilmari – Climate-smart Traveller project is part of the environmental education concerning traffic organised by the City of Helsinki's Environmental Services. The Ilmansuojelijat game, developed as part of the Ilmari project, is intended for 5th–9th-graders. 

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Kulkuri, ambassador of sustainable mobility

Kulkuri, ambassador of sustainable mobility is part of the City of Helsinki’s environmental education activities. Aimed at the 1st and 2nd grades, Kulkuri encourages schoolchildren to make sustainable mobility choices and to bring information on the topic to their homes. Kulkuri visits the comprehensive schools of Helsinki in spring and autumn.   

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