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Parking control

Please notify the Urban Environment Division's customer service about a vehicle that is parked illegally on a street, market square or green area.

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If you park illegally in Helsinki, you may be fined €60-80. The parking fine must be paid within 30 days. The fine is enforceable without a separate decision.

Please contact the Urban Environment Division's customer service, if you have a question about parking.

Contest a parking fine

If you think that the parking fine you have received is unfounded, you can contest it by submitting a claim for rectification within 30 days. You do not have to pay the parking fine while your claim is being processed.

How the process works

The decision will be sent to your electronic service folder or to your address by post.

Processing time

It will take us roughly 1-4 months to process your claim.

Additional information

You can submit your claim for rectification with an online form. If this is not possible, you can also deliver it to the Urban Environment Division's customer service by post, email ( ) or in person.

The claim for rectification must made in writing, and it must include
- your name and address
- the license plate number of the vehicle in question
- the number on the parking fine, and
- your bank account number.

Attach any documents you wish to submit to the claim before you send it.

After processing your claim, we will destroy any attachments you have sent that concern your state of health or financial situation, for example.

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Submit a claim for rectification

Requires authentication

Report an illegally parked vehicle

Please notify the Urban Environment Division's customer service about cars that have been parked illegally on streets, market squares and green areas by using the online feedback form. You can also send us an email or give us a phone call to make the report. In urgent cases, you can contact our customer service by phone.

Additional information

If a vehicle is illegally parked on private property, the property manager or maintenance company should contact our customer service, so we can make plans to move it. Other people in positions of trust, such as the property's owner, managing director, real estate company chair or housing company chair can also report illegally parked vehicles.

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Urban Environment Division, Customer Services

Open Mon-Thu 08:15-16 Open Fri 12-15
Call charge:

mobile call charge / local network charge


On-call Parking Enforcement service

Open Mon-Thu 16-20 Open Fri 15-20 Open Fri 08:15-12 Open Sat 10-15:30 Open Sun 11-17
Call charge:

mobile call charge / local network charge

Extend the due date of a parking fine

You can apply for a 14-day extension of your parking fine's due date, if you apply for the extension before the due date has expired. You can only apply for an extension one time. The online application will require you to show a form of strong identification.


Apply for an extension of your parking fine's due date

Requires authentication

Problems with paying a parking fine?

You can find the information required for payment on the parking fine.

  1. Bank account number for the payment of parking fines: FI97 8000 1700 9033 30, DABAFIHH, Danske Bank
  2. Recipient: City of Helsinki, Parking Control
  3. Each parking fine has an individual reference number that must be used during payment.
  4. The payment due date. If you pay the fine after the due date, add €14 to the payment amount (section 17 of the Parking Control Act).
  5. Payment amount
  6. A QR code that can be used when paying online, for example.
Pysäköintivirhemaksusta löydät tiedot sen maksamiseen. Tiedot on kerrottu myös tällä sivulla.
Photo: Helsingin kaupunki

 If you have lost a parking fine, please contact the Urban Environment Division’s customer service.


Appealing a decision on a claim for rectification 

If your claim for rectification is not approved, you can appeal the decision by submitting an administrative appeal to Helsinki Administrative Court. You must submit the appeal within 30 days of the decision being notified to you. 

Read the instructions for submitting an administrative appeal on the regional administrative courts website

Service points

Kaupunkiympäristön toimitalo katutasosta kuvattuna.

Urban Environment Division, Customer Services

Työpajankatu 8 00580 Helsinki

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