Detached house plots

The City of Helsinki usually leases its plots of detached houses. These pages contain information for independent builders, e.g. on how we allocate plots, and how the application process proceeds.

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How Helsinki allocates plots

The allocation principles employed in the detached house plot draw process are confirmed by the Urban Environment Committee before the start of the draw. 

The City of Helsinki allocates its detached house plots by leasing. We organise public draws approximately every two years, with a total of 50–100 plots available in the draw. When we allocate the plots by leasing, we select the recipients of the plots by a lottery. In some cases, we also allocate through a price competition.

You can find all the plots now available for draw on the Plot draws and competitions page.

Rental process for a detached house plot

  1. Applying for a plot

    We publish plot draws in progress on our website: Plot draws and competitions

    The application period for plots is usually about 1 month. 

  2. Short-term lease decision

    The city makes a decision to lease detached house plots with a short-term lease for 2 years for applying for a building permit.


  3. Project design

    When designing a detached house, you need a competent designer from the outset. Read more about how the detached house construction process is progressing, and what to consider when building a detached house: Building a detached house

  4. Applying for a building permit

  5. Concluding a land lease agreement

    When a building permit has been obtained for the project, the person who has reserved the plot concludes a long–term lease agreement with the city.

    A long-term land lease agreement is usually valid for a period of 60 years.

  6. Construction of the plot

    The tenant of the plot can start construction once the building permit has been approved, and the land lease agreement with the city has been signed.

Contact information 

Send messages about detached house plots by email to (Link opens default mail program) or call Juha Heikkilä, tel. +358 9 310 70964(Link starts a phone call)

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