Real property development

This page contains information about real property development in Helsinki. We welcome development initiatives and participate in the development of plots leased by the city with the tenant or a partner chosen by the tenant.

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Most property development projects are initiated by the city itself. We organise competitions every year, the winners of which are granted development reservations for further planning.  The development reservation is usually granted for 2 years. 

It may also be granted on the applicant’s initiative without a competition or public draw procedure.  We are happy to participate in the development of plots leased by the city when their purpose of use changes and prepare the plot development reservations for the tenant or the partner chosen by the tenant.

The city wants to develop shoreline areas and properties in the archipelago. We are actively seeking suitable locations for maritime companies and other operators. 

How a development reservation proceeds

  1. The applicant submits an initiative to the city to develop the property

    Send the project initiative by email to opens default mail program) In your application, please provide information about the property and the applicant, describe the project idea, the establishment of boundaries for the area, the target schedule, and why the area should be developed. We will contact the applicant and ask for more information if necessary.

  2. The city evaluates the feasibility of the project initiative

    All initiatives are discussed in the city’s project initiative steering group, which assesses whether the initiative is in line with the objectives set out in the city plan and strategy, and whether the applicant is capable of planning and implementing the project. 

  3. The objectives and starting points of land use and interaction are defined together

    Before making a development reservation decision, the city and the applicant together establish the project’s objectives, terms of reservation and the interaction of the first phase.

  4. Decision makers in Helsinki decide on the development reservation

    The development reservation is presented to the Urban Environment Committee, which proposes the development reservation to the City Board’s Economic Development Sub-committee. If the development reservation includes significant housing construction, the City Board will decide on the development reservation.

  5. Planning and interaction

    The reservation holder draws up more detailed plans, accounts and alternative reviews. The city initiates the process of changing the detailed plan and arranges the related interaction with the applicant. 

  6. Allocation of plot

    The form and terms of the allocation will be decided separately in the plot reservation as detailed planning proceeds. The reservation holder is obliged to draw up reference plans for the reservation area, committing to actively promote the planning and detailed planning of the area. 


Contact information

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