Self-care coaching at Service Centres

If you have recently been diagnosed with a memory disorder, you and your partner can partake in self-care coaching. You will receive peer support and information as part of a friendly group.

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Self-care coaching comprises a total of eight meetings. The groups for those with memory disorders and for their partners meet at the same time but in different rooms.

In the self-care coaching group, you will be provided with information about memory disorders, as well as tips for everyday situations. Decisions on the content of the group meetings are made in collaboration with the group members.

Persons who have received a memory disorder diagnose at the memory outpatient clinic will be referred to the service. You can also seek to attend a self-care coaching group together with your partner if you have been diagnosed with a memory disorder by the Neurology Outpatient Clinic (HUS) or a private doctor.

The service is free of charge.

The service is available at Kamppi, Kontula, Koskela, Kustaankartano, Pohjois-Haaga, Riistavuori, Syystie and Töölö service centres.

Ask for more information from the Service Centre or Senior Info.

Service points

Kamppi Service Centre

Address: Salomonkatu 21 B, 00100 Helsinki

Kontula Service Centre

Address: Kontukuja 5, 00940 Helsinki

Koskela Service Centre

Address: Hospitaalinkulku 8, bldg N, 00600 Helsinki

Kustaankartano Service Centre

Address: Oltermannintie 32, E-house, 00620 Helsinki

Pohjois-Haaga Service Centre–Hopeatie

Address: Hopeatie 14, 00440 Helsinki

Riistavuori Service Centre

Address: Isonnevantie 28, 00320 Helsinki

Syystie Service Centre

Address: Takaniitynkuja 3, 00780 Helsinki

Töölö Service Centre

Address: Töölönkatu 33, 00260 Helsinki
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Do you already have a service centre card?

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When applying for the service centre card, you can prove your retirement with an earnings-related pension card or a pension or benefit decision. If you are currently not working and you are registered as an unemployed job seeker, you can apply for a service centre card on the basis of unemployment. You can print out a certificate of the validity of your job seeking from the TE Service’s E-services (webpage in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)