Family rehabilitation

Family rehabilitation provides support for everyday life management at the family home or at a family rehabilitation centre.

Family rehabilitation helps to strengthen the interaction between the parent and child, the parenting and the family's resources and everyday life management.

Family rehabilitation employs, for example, social instructors, instructors, a nurse, an occupational therapist, a psychologist and a senior instructor. We cooperate with designated social workers and other employees involved in the child's everyday life.

Family rehabilitation is based on a plan drawn up jointly by the family and the social worker. The social worker directs the family to the service. The form of family rehabilitation is selected according to individual needs.

The service is free of charge.

Family rehabilitation forms and contact information

Round-the-clock family assessment is intended for families with children under school age or for a pregnant parent.

The aim of the family assessment is to assess the situation of the family outside the home under safe conditions. 

The parents actively participate in the assessment work. The parents and children are together throughout the assessment. The family assessment is institutional and lasts 30 days on average.   

Contact information: 

tel. +358 9 310 42460  

Street address: Sofianlehdonkatu 11, 00610 Helsinki  

Postal address: PO Box 60660, 00099 City of Helsinki  

Daytime family rehabilitation is intended for clients such as families with babies and families whose child has neuropsychiatric symptoms. 

We offer daytime family rehabilitation at the family home and in our own operating environment.  

Contact information: 

tel. +358 9 310 46767 

Street address: Retkeilijänkatu 4, 00980 Helsinki 

Postal address: PO Box 98851, 00099 City of Helsinki 

Round-the-clock family rehabilitation is institutional, comprehensive family rehabilitation. 

The rehabilitation emphasises strengthening parenting and family interaction. 

Families live at the Oulunkylä Family Rehabilitation Centre in apartments for a predetermined period, two months on average.  

Contact information: 

tel. +358 9 310 24030 

Street address: Harjantekijäntie 2, 00640 Helsinki 

Postal address: PO Box 64850, 00099 City of Helsinki