This is Occupational Health Helsinki

Occupational Health Helsinki is owned by city of Helsinki. Occupational Health Helsinki provides health services for city of Helsinki’s divisions, public utilities, and subsidiaries.

Occupational Health Helsinki operates as a public utility under city board and city council. Organization is managed by CEO and board of directors. About 120 occupational health professionals work in Occupational Health Helsinki. 

Occupational health nurses, doctors, psychologists, occupational physiotherapists and rehabilitation planners form occupational health teams that act as clients' partners. Medical care focuses on the treatment of diseases that have an effect on the ability to work. Receptionists are responsible for booking appointments and providing advice.

CEO Marko Karvinen and chief physician Eevamaija Tuovinen are responsible for development projects and the development of the service concept according to customer needs. The service units are managed by Ritva Teerimäki and Anne-Maj Candolin.