Feast Helsinki

Food is one of the central themes of Helsinki's events and tourism in 2024. This summer, the City of Helsinki is joining operators in the local restaurant, tourism and event sectors to arrange a celebration of the capital’s unique culinary culture. Scheduled for 24 May to 16 June 2024.

Feast Helsinki.
Feast Helsinki mobile guide, www.hel.fi/foodguide.
Photo: Julianne Barbas

Feast Helsinki on the map

Use our Feast Helsinki guidebook mobile app for a complete listing all of the events associated with the Feast Helsinki food festival and the location of every Feast Helsinki activity marked clearly on an map. The guidebook also contains restaurant recommendations from local restaurateurs and tips for memorable dining experiences in different districts of the city – or even on the fortress island of Suomenlinna!

Download the app today at www.hel.fi/foodguide(Link leads to external service)