The Culture and Leisure Division’s contact information and feedback

The Culture and Leisure Division’s contact information, feedback and customer service. Street address: Fredriksberg, (Vallila), Konepajankuja 3, Helsinki 00510.  Telephone exchange: +358 9 310 1060 (weekdays 8.00 – 16.00).

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Liikuntaluuri phone service

The Liikuntaluuri phone service provides information, support and encouragement related to physical activities. Liikuntaluuri services are intended for all Helsinki residents. A physical activity expert will answer any questions you have about physical activities. You can call the phone service on +358 9 310 32623. It is open Monday–Friday 13.00–15.00. 

Advisory service

You can call the City of Helsinki’s general advisory service, Helsinki-info, on +358 9 310 11111. The phone service is open Monday–Thursday 9.00–16.00 and on Fridays 10.00–15.00.

Helsinki-info advisory service

Media contacts

The City of Helsinki’s divisions and public enterprises are responsible for communications concerning their services and decision-making.

City of Helsinki divisions’ media contacts

Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office operates at Helsinki City Hall in the Helsinki district of Kruununhaka, at the street address Pohjoisesplanadi 11–13.

Registrar's Office

Phone numbers

Use the service to find the phone numbers of the telephone exchanges of the City of Helsinki’s divisions and the phone numbers of key units. The service also includes the phone numbers of some City of Helsinki employees, but each city division decides for itself how many phone numbers are available. leads to external service) 

Email addresses

The email addresses of City of Helsinki employees are in the format opens default mail program)