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Decision making

The City’s decision-making process can be divided into the following five phases: initiation, preparation, decision making, notification and implementation.

Decision making


The City Council is elected through local elections every four years. It oversees the City’s operations and finances. Helsinki’s other decision-makers and decision-making bodies include the Mayor, Deputy Mayors, numerous other municipal office holders and other bodies formed by elected officials. City of Helsinki administrative organisation.

City Council

City Board

(Mayor, four Deputy Mayors and 10 Permanent Members)

Central Administration

  • Boards:
    Service Centre municipal enterprise
    Financial Management Services municipal enterprise
    Occupational Health Centre municipal enterprise (in Finnissh)
    - Construction Services Public Utility (Stara)

Education Division

Urban Environment Division

  • Urban environment committee
    - Environment and permits sub-committee
    - Buildings and public works sub-committee

  • City Transport municipal enterprise

Culture and Leisure Division

Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division