Pages for City of Helsinki employees

These pages provide City of Helsinki employees with useful information about occupational health services, salaries and wages, personnel financial services and other valuable services. 

Aerial view to Pohjoisranta.

The City of Helsinki’s intranet pages are available in Finnish only. They provide internal news and information on the following:

  • holidays and applying for leave
  • occupational health services and wellbeing at work
  • working hours and the monitoring of working time
  • other services, such as personnel financial services, employee benefits and training
  • falling ill during annual leave (see the intranet section on Työaika ja vapaa (Working hours and leave))

Log in to the City of Helsinki’s intranet pages here(Link leads to external service)

Please note! It is also possible to log in to the City of Helsinki intranet pages outside the city’s online network, without a VPN connection. You can also access the intranet on a mobile device. Log in with your AD credentials (the same credentials you use to log in to your workstation).

See the Ohjeet (Instructions) section for information on how to log in to your email through an internet browser.

See the Ohjeet (Instructions) section of the intranet (Link leads to external service)for information on how to log in to your email through a browser.

Four employees talking at the table.
Photo: Marek Sagobal
Four people sit outside and work with laptops.
Photo: N2 Albiino

For new employees

Are you a new employee or intern at the City of Helsinki? Congratulations and welcome!

Visit the website to find practical information (in Finnish only) on working for the City of Helsinki and the City of Helsinki as an employer.

Go to the website(Link leads to external service)