Child welfare after-care

After-care can help you with matters relating to, for example, housing, livelihood, health, studies, work and independent living.

You are entitled to after-care support for five years after last being a client of child welfare services or until turning 25.

After-care usually begins after the end of the care proceedings or placement lasting longer than six months, but you can also start it later. You can also request that after-care be started even if you have previously discontinued or refused after-care.

After-care can help you in, for example, finding a home and a place to study as well as in managing your finances. After-care can also help you with matters relating to employment, health and independent living. During the after-care period, you can get financial support for studies, hobbies and meetings with loved ones.

You will receive the support that you feel you need. You and your social worker will make a client plan that you will update as needed but at least once a year. A social instructor can also work with you.

Your loved ones and other network from, for example, school and healthcare are welcome to cooperate.

At the end of after-care, the social worker may refer you to other suitable services, if you so wish.

You can contact after-care yourself to start the service. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.