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Research and development collaboration

The Social Services and Health Care Division of the City of Helsinki allows its personnel to perform clinical drug trials in its units. Additionally, the Division and the City of Helsinki in general make their operating locations available as development and testing environments for health and welfare technology companies as well as innovation organisations.

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Collaboration in pharmaceutical research

Helsinki’s large population and number of patients, combined with the City of Helsinki's wide range of service points for primary healthcare and psychiatry, offer good opportunities for research into areas such as chronic diseases and drug treatment of the elderly.

The City of Helsinki has signed a framework agreement with Clinical Research Institute HUCH for the management of clinical drug trials.

Clinical Research Institute HUCH:

  • manages clinical drug trials carried out in the City of Helsinki’s units
  • concludes contracts with pharmaceutical companies
  • hires doctors and research nurses for the research period

Participation in the pharmaceutical research is voluntary for clients and patients.

Clinical Research Institute HUCH

Development and testing collaboration

Development and testbed activities provide opportunities for developers of healthcare and wellbeing solutions to find out more about the sector’s needs in collaboration with the Social Services and Health Care Division’s professionals and clients, as part of our normal daily work.

The Kustaankartano and Myllypuro Senior Centres are involved in testing and commissioning new products and technical solutions for the health and social services sector. They offer day activities and service centre services for seniors. The Kustaankartano Senior Centre is located in the Helsinki district of Oulunkylä, and the Myllypuro Senior Centre is located in the Helsinki district of Vartiokylä. Home care and remote home care services are another key development area. The Kalasatama Health and Wellbeing Centre in the Helsinki district of Sörnäinen is one of the key testbeds offered by the Social Services and Health Care Division’s Health and Substance Abuse Services Department for collaborations with companies.

The Social Services and Health Care Division also has other potential development and testing environments under its Family and Social Services Department, for example.

We select our collaboration partners and the testing sites on a case-by-case basis.

We publish targeted data requests and market surveys, and we also organise networking events to give companies an opportunity to introduce themselves to our experts. Additionally, we organise open innovation challenges, such as calls for agile pilots.

More information on open challenges and other collaboration opportunities

The most important mission of the Social Services and Health Care Division is to provide wellbeing, health and social security for the residents of Helsinki. That is why development and testbed activities are based on needs, and their implementation depends on the personnel resources available.

The purpose of testbeds is to contribute to product development by companies. The Social Services and Health Care Division procures goods and services separately in compliance with normal procurement procedures.

Collaboration as part of the Health Capital Helsinki alliance

Health Capital Helsinki is a life science and health technology alliance formed by the City of Helsinki, University of Helsinki, Aalto University and Helsinki University Hospital (HUS). Its purpose is to develop a research-based innovation and business environment. The aim of Health Capital Helsinki is to promote the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Finland, and to make them the leading Nordic region for research, development and business.

Health Capital Helsinki