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Helsingin kuvataidelukio is an upper secondary school that specialises in visual arts. We offer an inspiring and enjoyable environment to study both academic and art subjects. Our school is especially well-known for its warm and supportive atmosphere and a strong sense of community. Mutual respect and tolerance is a priority in our school. We also encourage students to actively participate in decision-making in matters that concern them, which supports the curricular goal of active citizenship.

196 new students are admitted to Helsingin kuvataidelukio each year. Every spring an entrance test is arranged where applicants are tested on their drawing skills and creativity. Admission is also based on the applicant´s lower secondary school GPA. The total number of students (aged 16-19) is 620.

Helsingin kuvataidelukio offers a wide range of academic and art courses to choose from. More than 60 courses in visual arts and multimedia are offered in our school each year. Art subjects include painting and drawing, graphic art, film, photography, ceramics, sculpture, technical drawing, textile art and multi-media. All students must take at least 12 art courses.

Each student is allocated to a tutor group led by a tutoring teacher who looks after the general and aca-demic welfare of that student. Guidance councellors provide further assistance to students helping them design their own individual study programme.

Like all Finnish upper secondary schools, Helsingin kuvataidelukio is non-graded. A student will complete a minimum of 75 courses, both compulsory and optional, within 2-4 years. Most students complete their studies in three years. At the end of their studies, students take the Finnish matriculation examination, which consists of at least four tests in differerent subjects. Passing the Matriculation Examination entitles the student to continue his or her studies at tertiary level.

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Helsingin kuvataidelukio
Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts

Mailing address: P.O.B. 50301
00099 City of Helsinki

Principal Tarja Aro-Kuuskoski
Telephone: +358 9 310 82365
Email: tarja.aro-kuuskoski(at)

School secretary Elina Sokka
Telephone: +358 9 310 82367
Email: elina.sokka(at)

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