Street cleaning

In the spring, we combat street dust and clean the streets of grit. In the autumn, we gather up leaves from the streets.

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Katua pestään autosta tulevalla ruiskulla.
Photo: Lauri Hänninen

Street washing in spring 

Street dust levels are high almost every spring. In order to combat dust, we remove the grit spread in winter from the roadways, cycle paths and pavements. During this process, we also wash the streets. 

The start date of street washing depends on the spring weather. We can only clean the streets efficiently once the snow and ice have melted from the street curbs.  

In Helsinki’s inner city area, properties are responsible for clearing the pavements of grit and other dirt. Properties can sweep the grit from the pavements to the curb of the roadway – but not onto tram tracks. The city will clean the grit from the curbs while cleaning the roadways. Sweeping grit onto roadways that have already been cleaned is not allowed. 

Outside of the inner city, the City of Helsinki also takes care of the pavements. 

Sweeping leaves in autumn 

Sweeping tree leaves is continuous work that is carried out in autumn for as long as there are leaves on trees. Because trees drop leaves all the time, a street swept today may be covered by leaves by tomorrow. While waiting for the next round of street cleaning, you should be careful not to slip on the leaves piling up on the ground. 

We first clean the main roadways and the most important pedestrian and cycling routes. Then we move on to residential streets. We also clean the street gullies. 

Within the inner city area, properties are responsible for removing leaves from the pavements adjacent to them. In other areas of Helsinki, the city is responsible for removing the leaves from the streets and pavements. 

Both the City of Helsinki and properties are responsible for street cleaning

The street maintenance responsibilities are divided between the City of Helsinki and properties. The division of responsibilities varies between the inner city area and other areas of Helsinki.  

Division of responsibilities in Helsinki’s inner city area 

  • Responsibility of the City of Helsinki: Gathering up grit, washing the streets and removing tree leaves from the streets. 
  • Responsibility of the property: Gathering up grit, washing the streets and removing tree leaves from the pavements adjacent to the property. 
  • Inner city area: Alppiharju, Eira, Etu-Töölö (west side of Runeberginkatu), Hermanni, Kaartinkaupunki, Kaivopuisto, Kallio, Kamppi, Katajanokka, Kluuvi, Kruununhaka, Länsisatama, Punavuori, Ruoholahti, Sörnäinen, Ullanlinna and Vallila.

Division of responsibilities in other areas

  • Responsibility of the City of Helsinki: The City of Helsinki has total responsibility for washing the roadways and pavements and gathering up grit and removing leaves from them. 

Read more about the responsibilities of properties.

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