Public toilets

Public toilets in parks and streets bring relief to residents. Please leave them in good working order for the next user.

Helsinki has 50 free city toilets which, with the exception of a few, are available 24 hours a day. There is also one public toilet inside a commercial building on Sofiankatu. 

The toilets can be used by wheelchair users. Exceptions will be the toilets near Kiasma and in Dallapenpuisto in 2024 and in Pengerpuisto in 2025. They will not be accessible due to vandalism. Depending on the season and model, we clean the toilets one to three times per day.

On the basis of feedback and network reviews, public toilets can be added to locations where their placement is possible and the costs are affordable. Unfortunately, the use of public toilets sometimes causes disturbance that deteriorates the living comfort of local residents. We have been forced to close some toilets overnight or remove them altogether due to repeated disturbance. 

We spend nearly EUR 1.5 million annually on the maintenance of the public toilets. 

Public toilets in Helsinki on the Service Map

Public toilets in Helsinki are marked on this map. - Open larger map(Link leads to external service)