Maintenance of parks

Park maintenance refers to cleaning parks and maintaining the vegetation, fixtures and pathways.
Photo: Maija Astikainen

This is how we manage the parks in Helsinki

We manage the parks according to a management classification system. In practice, this means that the more central a park is and the more people use it, the more often it is maintained and the more time is spent on its upkeep. The maintenance class also depends on the park’s vegetation, cultural and historical values and the activities available in the park. For example, a playground requires more careful maintenance than a lawn area..

See the park maintenance classes in the map service(Link leads to external service)

Read more about the maintenance classification system on the Helsinki Design Manual website(Link leads to external service)

Restoration of parks

We also carry out more extensive repairs of parks each year, depending on how much money has been earmarked in the city budget for park renovations. When selecting the parks for renovation, the most important criteria are the safety and equitable development of the city.

Read more about the most significant planning and construction projects

Park and road construction projects in the map service(Link leads to external service)

  • Having a barbecue in a park is allowed, but you must follow the instructions below. 

  • Place the grill on a non-combustible, hard surface such as sand. Placing a grill on a lawn is not allowed, even if the barbecue has legs. Even a kettle charcoal grill radiates heat downwards, and the lawn will dry out under it. 

  • Do not place hot waste in a rubbish bin. The heat will damage the bin, and replacing the internal parts of a large bin is very expensive. 

  • Having a barbecue during a forest and grass fire warning period is not allowed – and this also applies to disposable and kettle charcoal grills. For more information, visit the Rescue Services website(Link leads to external service)

  • Don’t forget to take your rubbish away with you. 

  • Campfires are not allowed in parks or other green spaces. 

  • Open fires and barbecues are completely prohibited in the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress and all nature reserves.