Contact us in any matter related to the maintenance of parks and green spaces

Give feedback on the management of parks and green spaces. You can also find answers to many questions in the frequently asked questions section.

Ask or give feedback on parks and green spaces

You can report shortcomings and problems with parks and green spaces with the feedback form.  Reports of broken playground equipment, benches or other fixtures are particularly useful. There is no need to give any feedback on full bins – we will empty them as soon as possible anyway.

Give feedback on parks and green spaces

Report a dangerous tree

  • If a fallen tree poses an obvious danger, report it to the emergency response centre (112). A tree that has fallen on a road or another busy route, crossed fallen trees, a partly fallen tree and a fallen tree causing a power line break pose an obvious danger.
  • If the fallen or damaged tree does not pose an immediate danger, you can report it to the Urban Environment Division’s customer service with the feedback form(Link leads to external service) or by calling 09 310 22111. If you use the feedback form, you should mark the location of the tree on the map.
  • If a tree has fallen on your property, you must arrange to have it removed yourself. Fallen trees that are crossed or partly fallen trees may have stresses that can only be safely relieved by an experienced professional. Trees that pose a danger should be reported to the emergency services.
  • Please keep in mind that you should only use the public emergency number in an emergency.