Group homes in senior centres and service homes

A group home is a homelike living environment for those in need of 24-hour care.

Our group homes, located in senior centres and service homes, serve as safe environments for our residents to live happy and comfortable lives.

Residents in our group homes live in studios or two-room apartments, which they can decorate with their personal belongings. Residents also have access to cosy common spaces, such as a kitchen, living room and outdoor garden.

Our skilled staff tend to our residents round-the-clock and support their functional capacity and independence. In addition, they make sure that all our residents' special needs are taken care of.

Residents are welcome to participate in joint activities organised in the group homes and service centres.

Group homes also offer short-term care.

Service points

18 service points

Kinapori Service Home

Address: Kinaporinkatu 7-9 A, 00500 Helsinki

Töölö Senior Centre

Address: Töölönkatu 33, 00260 Helsinki

Hopeatie Service Home

Address: Hopeatie 14, 00440 Helsinki

Itäkeskus Service Home

Address: Voikukantie 6, 00930 Helsinki

Kannelmäki Service Home

Address: Urkupillintie 4, 00420 Helsinki

Kinapori Senior Centre

Address: Kinaporinkatu 7-9, 00500 Helsinki

Kontula Senior Centre

Address: Kontukuja 5, 00940 Helsinki

Kustaankartano Senior Centre

Address: Oltermannintie 32, 00620 Helsinki