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Mental well-being groups at service centres

Mental well-being groups can help you tap into your own resources.

Service centres have various groups to support your mental well-being. In our groups, you can share your experiences and thoughts and find new perspectives on life.

The groups are led by trained professionals.

Mental well-being groups are available at most service centres. Please ask the service centres' social instructors about the groups. Let's find best group for you together!

Participation is free of charge. You need a service centre card to access the service. You can get a card free of charge from the service centres' information desk.

Service points

17 service points

Itäkeskus Service Centre


Voikukantie 6 00930 Helsinki

Kamppi Service Centre


Salomonkatu 21 B 00100 Helsinki

Kannelmäki Service Centre


Urkupillintie 4 00420 Helsinki

Kinapori Service Centre


Kinaporinkatu 7-9 A 00500 Helsinki

Kontula Service Centre


Kontukuja 5 00940 Helsinki

Koskela Service Centre


Hospitaalinkulku 8, bldg N 00600 Helsinki

Kustaankartano Service Centre


Oltermannintie 32, E-house 00620 Helsinki

Laajasalo Service Centre


Rudolfintie 17-19 00870 Helsinki