Nature Information System

The Nature Information System provides information on the biodiverse nature in Helsinki. The key nature data sets include the nature reserves and hundreds of other valuable natural sites.

The Nature Information System also includes information on the important flora and bird areas, geological sites, bat areas, polypore areas and forest areas, among other things.

You can view the chosen data sets on top of various background maps or an aerial photo. See the site report for each area to read more about the area and species spotted there. You can use the search function to look for a particular site, for example.

The data content of the Nature Information System's public version is filtered for nature conservation reasons.

Use of the Nature Information System

Choose the data sets

You can find the data sets of the Nature Information System in Helsinki Map Service(Link leads to external service) under the ‘Environment and Nature’ section in the ‘Layers’ menu. Choose which data sets you would like to display on the map. You can find several background map options at the top of the menu.

Luontotietojärjestelmän demokartta 1

Read site reports

By clicking on any site on the map, you can open a site report with information about the site in question (in Finnish only).

Karttapalvelun demokuva

Try the advanced search

The advanced search function available in the search section allows you to search sites or species. The photo shows meadows in Helsinki.

Luontotietojärjestelmän demokartta

Through the official version of the Nature Information System, the Environmental Services of the City of Helsinki disclose nature data to registered users who need such data for their work. The data in the Nature Information System is necessary when planning land use, construction, nature management or nature conservation, for example.

Access rights

You can gain access to the official version of the Nature Information System if you need the City of Helsinki’s nature data for work related to areas such as planning, monitoring, nature management or research, including consultant work and the city’s positions of trust. To apply for access, please fill in the online form below. 

Apply for access to the official version (in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)

You can log in to the official version at the following address: leads to external service) (in Finnish)