Export certifications for animals

An official veterinarian can grant a health certificate for an animal entering another country if a certificate is needed when travelling outside the EU.

If you travel to a country outside the EU with your pet, you may need a health certificate granted by an official veterinarian for your animal for its entry into the country. Different countries have different import requirements for animals, such as certain vaccinations, parasite medications or antigen tests. Their purpose is to prevent animal diseases and diseases transmitted from animals to people from spreading from one country to another.

When you export an animal, it is your responsibility to ascertain the export requirements of the destination country. We can provide you with advice for fulfilling those requirements. In the examination, a veterinarian will examine your animal and check its documentation. If the animal is healthy and the import requirements are met, you will be given an export certificate. The certificate also indicates that the animal is healthy enough to travel.

How to acquire an export certificate for your pet:

1. Prepare for travelling with your pet in good time and ascertain the import requirements of your destination country. You can find the requirements on the country's website or via the Finnish Embassy of the country.

2. Make sure that you fulfil the import requirements - take your pet to a veterinary clinic in good time for vaccinations, parasite medications and, if necessary, a blood test.

3. Book an appointment with the City of Helsinki's official veterinarian for an export examination. The examination will be performed shortly before your travel date.

4. Bring your pet to Kalasatama (Työpajankatu 8) for an examination and bring all necessary vaccination, medication and, if applicable, laboratory test result documents.

5.The Regional State Administrative Agency will send you an invoice for the examination. The fee is €50 for each animal examined.