Swedish-language immersion

Swedish-language immersion is a method where a child can learn Swedish as a foreign language by hearing and using it in daycare and at school. The aim of the language immersion programme is that the child will achieve strong language skills in both Finnish and Swedish by the end of Grade 9 in basic education.

The Swedish language immersion is intended for children who have started the language immersion path in daycare or in pre-primary education.

The language immersion path begins in the daycare centre and continues until the end of comprehensive school. At the moment, there are seven different language immersion paths in Helsinki described in the figure below:

What is Swedish-language immersion like?

The teachers and educators in the daycare centre and at school only speak Swedish to the child. All teaching is in Swedish in the first few grades of comprehensive school. About 50–70% of teaching will be in Swedish from the third grade to the ninth grade.

Learn more about Helsinki’s Swedish-language immersion daycare centres and language immersions in early childhood education: Early childhood education in Swedish: Swedish-language immersion

How to apply for Swedish-language immersion?

Pupils who have started their language immersion education in pre-primary education, at the latest, will have priority when admitting pupils to language immersion education. Other pupils may only be admitted to language immersion classes if there are places free and if the child has sufficient Swedish-language skills for their age.

If you want your child to have a place in Swedish language immersion, contact a school offering Swedish language immersion education to inquire after free places. See the list of language immersion schools and their contact details in the following section.

Which schools in Helsinki offer Swedish-language immersion education?