For pupils starting Grade 3

You can apply for a place in weighted-curriculum education or basic education in different languages for your child moving to third grade. Your child can also continue their studies at the school where they started their first grade.

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A2 language

In Finnish-speaking schools, pupils moving onto the third grade can, if they wish, enrol in the optional A2 language teaching of their own school. You can find out more about A2 language studies, the available language options and enrolment from the child’s school and on the Curriculum, school subjects and assessment website.

All pupils in Swedish-speaking schools will begin studying an A2 language in grade three.

Weighted-curriculum education starting from the 3rd grade

A pupil may apply for weighted-curriculum education starting from the third grade. Explore the options for weighted-curriculum education .

Applying on Wilma

To apply for a place for weighted-curriculum education starting in the third grade, submit an application during the application period, using the form on Wilma. Your school will have more detailed instructions on how to fill in the Wilma form. Applications submitted late will not be processed.

Applications for the weighted-curriculum in music at the Swedish-language school Åshöjdens Grundskolan follow the school's own guidelines. For more detailed instructions, see Åshöjdens Grundskolan website under 'Intensifierad musikundervisning från årskurs 3'.

If you apply for a place in weighted-curriculum education for your child, you commit to accepting the place, if offered. If the pupil is selected for weighted-curriculum education, you must inform the principal of the pupil's current school of this. If the pupil is not selected, they may continue in their current school without a separate notification.

Applying by a method other than Wilma

Applicants who live in other municipalities, applicants in Swedish-speaking schools and applicants in private schools who do not have access to the Wilma form should apply with a separate electronic application form. Link to the application form will be posted on this page by the time the application period begins.

Weighted-curriculum education options starting in Grade 3

Pupils can apply for five different options, i.e. schools or subjects . The options should be listed in the order of preference. Schools with the same weighted-curriculum education subjects will use the same aptitude test, and pupil will take the aptitude test at the school listed as the first choice on the application.

Schedules for the 2024–2025 school year

  1. 8.-19.1.2024

    Schools may hold information events. The dates and times of these events can be found on the schools’ websites.

  2. 22.1.-4.2.2024

    Application period for weighted-curriculum education.

  3. 6.-27.2.2024

    Aptitude tests

  4. 2.4.2024

    The admission decisions will be sent to the guardians.