Schools on a map

Helsinki Metropolitan Area Service Map

Follow these steps to find your local school on the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Service Map: 

1.    Open the Service Map(Link leads to external service)
2.    Click on “View the areas for healthcare, education, pre-primary education, civil defence, nature and neighbourhoods.” 
3.    Enter your address in the search field. 
4.    Select Education. 
5.    Select the admission area (primary or lower secondary school, Finnish or Swedish language, current or next school year). 
6.    The school in your area will appear at the top of the list, with a list of nearby schools below it. 
7.    Click on the name of a school in the list to see more detailed information about the school. 
8.    The blue marker on the map indicates the location of the school.

Helsinki Map Service 

The school admission areas are shown on a map on the Helsinki Map Service(Link leads to external service).  
1.    From the menu on the left, select Layers. 
2.    From the menu that opens, select Regional Divisions. 
3.    Then select School Enrolment Regions. 
4.    Lastly, select a school year, language of instruction and school level.