English-enriched education

Some local schools in Helsinki offer places in English-enriched classes. In English-enriched basic education, 10–25% of the instruction is provided in English.

Language-enriched education helps the child to use their second language actively and effectively develops the different areas of learning. Studying in two languages develops the child’s problem-solving skills, creative thinking and the ability to adapt to new situations. The objectives and key contents of English-enriched basic education are the same as in Finnish-speaking basic education.


How can I apply for English-enriched basic education?

English-enriched basic education is available in a few local schools in Helsinki. There is no language test for English-enriched education, but the pupil must live in the school's admission area in order to be admitted to an English-enriched class.

If your child's local school is one of the schools listed in the next section, you can contact the school directly to ask them whether the child could be admitted to English-enriched instruction.

Which schools in Helsinki offer English-enriched basic education?

English-enriched education is offered at the schools listed below. In the majority of schools, English-enriched education has only become available recently, and at the moment it is mostly available for grades one and two.

Learn more about the schools on their own websites.