Working life-oriented teaching

Working life-oriented instruction in Helsinki is provided in the form of flexible basic education JOPO, which is available in five comprehensive schools, and working life-oriented teaching TEPPO, which is available in some of our Finnish-language schools as an optional subject.

In working life-oriented teaching, pupils can familiarise themselves with work and employment more comprehensively than they normally would in basic education. Visits to workplaces and on-the-job training periods at workplaces help pupils see how the skills they learn in basic education will help them in the future. At the same time, they will be able to demonstrate their skills in an environment that differs from conventional education in class.

In working life-oriented teaching, pupils' working life skills will increase and they will learn to identify their strengths as well as get a sense of direction for their further studies.

Flexible basic education, or JOPO

JOPO ('joustava perusopetus' in Finnish) classes are organised as small-group activities and on-the-job learning is an important part of the studies. It is intended for young people in grades seven to nine, who could benefit from functional and work-oriented studies in preventing their loss of motivation at school and dropping out of school.

The objective of JOPO is to develop life-management skills and study capacity and to support pupils in completing their basic education. In addition to this, individual support is provided to facilitate the transition to upper secondary education and ensure that the pupil finds a place for further studies. Applicants must have at least one year left of their basic education.

JOPO in Finnish-language basic education

We have Finnish-language JOPO groups in the following schools: Haaga Comprehensive School, Käpylä Comprehensive School, Porolahti Comprehensive School and Vuonitty Comprehensive School.

Pupils participate in 4–6 periods of on-the-job learning per year. In total, pupils will participate in 60–80 days of on-the-job learning. The studies also include excursions and school camps.

Pupils study in small groups of 10 pupils. The size of the group may be increased to 12 pupils during the school year, if necessary. Instruction is provided by a special class teacher who collaborates with youth workers. Youth workers play a key role in guiding pupils into working life during flexible basic education activities.

JOPO in Swedish-language basic education

JOPO instruction in our Swedish-language schools is provided as local school instruction and guided on-the-job studies at workplaces and in other learning environments. 

Pupils study in small groups of 10 pupils. The size of the group may be increased to 12 pupils during the school year, if necessary. Instruction is provided by a special class teacher who collaborates with youth workers.

Swedish-language JOPO group ('flex group') is located at Grundskolan Norsen Comprehenive School.

Applications to JOPO groups are primarily accepted in the spring term, in March, but vacant spots may be filled at other times, as well. The applicants must fill in an application form and attach a recommendation from their school. The application is submitted to the pupil's own school.

Open form: Application for flexible basic education class (PDF in Finnish)

Applicants and their guardian are invited to an interview. The interview will focus on the pupil’s motivation and how the pupil would benefit from functional working methods and working life-oriented teaching. Admissions are granted on the basis of applications, recommendations and interviews. The pupil is also assigned the nearest appropriate place of study.

If the pupil later transfers away from the JOPO class, they will, as a rule, return to their own local school.

Working life-oriented teaching, or TEPPO

In working life-oriented teaching, TEPPO ('työelämäpainotteinen perusopetus' in Finnish), pupils study working life skills both at school and in on-the-job training periods in workplaces. In order to participate in TEPPO teaching, a pupil does not need to change schools or classes.

TEPPO is available as an optional subject. It is only provided at some of our comprehensive schools. If TEPPO activities are available at the school, all pupils in grades seven to nine can apply. The guidance counsellor will provide further information on applying to TEPPO.

TEPPO includes 4–6 on-the-job training periods per school year, each of which is one week long. The school's TEPPO instructor will help pupils in finding an on-the-job training workplace and visit the workplaces during the pupils’ training periods.