Car storage service - Car Hotel

We offer a safe and affordable storage place for your car in the City's Car Hotel. Located in Tattarisuo, the Car Hotel's storage area is fenced, illuminated and under video surveillance around the clock. The storage area is an uncovered outdoor area.

You can sign an agreement on the storage of your car for 1-8 months at a time and bring two vehicles for storage at a time. The storage service is intended for private individuals living in Helsinki.

If you have a valid resident parking permit, you can store your car in the Car Hotel for free. If you do not have a resident parking permit, storing your car costs €60 per month.

What to do:

  • Contact the Helsinki Vehicle Removal Centre in advance to make sure that the Car Hotel has room for your car.
  • Agreements to store cars at the Car Hotel can be completed at either the Helsinki Vehicle Removal Centre or the Urban Environment Division’s customer service point.
  • When you want to bring or pick up your car, please contact the Helsinki Vehicle Removal Centre in advance. The vehicle must be brought in for storage by 16.00.

Please note that

  • your resident parking permit must be valid for the duration of the storage period. (this does not apply to you if you pay for storage separately).
  • there must be at least a three-month period between the end of your existing agreement and a possible bid to put the vehicle back in storage. 

Service points

Kaupunkiympäristön toimitalo katutasosta kuvattuna.

Urban Environment Division, Customer Services

Address: Työpajankatu 8, 00580 Helsinki
Ajoneuvojen siirtokeskus sijaitsee Tattarisuolla osoitteessa Autotallintie 22.

Vehicle removal center

Address: Autotallintie 22, 00770 Helsinki