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Vehicle removal and storage costs

Removal costs for vehicles towed between 7.00 and 16.00 on weekdays

Towed vehicle Reason for removal: maintenance and cleaning Reason for removal: street area reservation (event) Reason for removal: illegal parking Towing to a storage facility or for disposal
Cars and vans, mopeds and motorcycles, N2 category trucks and O1 category trailers 91 € 65 € 118 € 151 €
Four-wheel drives and other vehicles (vehicle categories M1, M2, N1, N2) with a maximum mass of 4.5 t requiring auxiliary towing requirement  123 € 97 € 162 € 187 €
Trucks and buses with a mass exceeding 4.5 t  102–442 €* 78–340 €* 312–650 €* 221–650 €*

Vehicle removals are subject to administrative costs and tow arrangement costs that amount to 30% of the total cost. An additional fee is charged for vehicle removals outside of the weekday working hours. This additional fee is €26–138, depending on the time of day and towing company. 

*dependent on the towing company. 

See a more detailed description of the vehicle removal prices (PDF, in Finnish)

Storage costs

Stored vehicle Fee for the first seven days (including removal costs)     Additional fee for every subsequent seven-day period starting after that

Cars and vans

177 €

26 €

Four-wheel drives and other cars and vans that require auxiliary requirement to tow

213 €

26 €


25,20 €

5,20 €