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Helsinki Online Upper Secondary School

Students can choose study units from the studies offered jointly by the city’s general upper secondary schools.

What's available at Helsinki Online Upper Secondary School?

Helsinki Online Upper Secondary School offers online, distance, contact teaching and summer studies in the city's shared course catalogue. You can also choose studies provided by higher education institutions or by Stadin AO, the Helsinki Vocational College and Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre. You can then incorporate these studies into your general upper secondary education. 

Complete list of studies offered by Helsinki Online Upper Secondary School 2021–2022 (in Finnish)

Who is it for?

You can choose studies by Helsinki Online Upper Secondary School if you are a enrolled in the following general upper secondary schools:

Alppila Upper Secondary School, Brändö gymnasium, Etu-Töölö Upper Secondary School, Gymnasiet Lärkan, Helsinki Upper Secondary School for Adults, Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Languages, Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts, Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Natural Sciences, Helsingin Upper Secondary School of Media Arts, Kallio Upper Secondary School, Mäkelänrinne Upper Secondary School, Ressun lukio IB World School, Sibelius-lukio Upper Secondary School, Tölö Gymnasium Upper Secondary School, Tölö Gymnasium’s adult education programme and Vuosaari Upper Secondary School.

Students of private general upper secondary schools in Helsinki may only complete studies offered by Helsinki Online Upper Secondary School if the private school in question has signed an agreement with the City of Helsinki.

Photo: Maija Astikainen