The City of Helsinki’s general upper secondary schools help you develop a wide range of international skills. Some of our schools also have a special emphasis related to internationality.
Photo: N2 Albiino

Broaden your horizons

The international activities in general upper secondary schools offer opportunities to deepen your understanding of the world and your future prospects. You can develop your international skills through various school subjects and daily life at your school. The subject teachers and guidance counsellors at your school will support you in this development.

Our general upper secondary schools work together with international educational institutions, higher education institutions, companies and organisations in Finland and abroad. They organise international visits, events and projects, for example. Cooperation is also carried out online.

You can incorporate studies completed during a study exchange or other international activities into your general upper secondary education. Talk about the possibility of accrediting studies with the guidance counsellor at your school. 

Hear it from our students

“These international activities have made me realise that my language proficiency has improved, and that’s why I could even consider studying abroad.” 

Hear it from our students

In the video (in Finnish), Barbara and Ia, students of Alppila Upper Secondary School, and language teacher Annukka talk about the types of international activities that the City of Helsinki’s general upper secondary schools engage in