Polytechnics and universities

There are two kinds of higher education institutions in Finland: universities of applied sciences (UAS) and universities.

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Universities of applied sciences

Studies at universities of applied sciences are a working-life oriented alternative to traditional university studies. The extensive connections of universities of applied sciences to the business and working life provide graduates with good employment opportunities. The prerequisite for admission is completed general upper secondary or vocational upper secondary education.

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is jointly owned by the cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area
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The mission of universities is to conduct scientific research and provide scientific and artistic undergraduate and postgraduate education based on it. For those who wish to study in English, universities in Finland provide around 10 Bachelor’s degree programmes and over 100 Master’s degree programmes.

Open University

There is no one independent open university in Finland, but many Finnish universities provide Open University education.

Finnish universities provide Open University education open to all regardless of age, educational background and educational goals.

The Finnish Open University courses are compiled in a database, which can be browsed by university, locality and subject as well as with various searches.

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Helsinki Summer University

Helsinki Summer University course program includes open university and open university of applied sciences courses. A wide range of language courses, continuing education studies, courses for students preparing for the Finnish matriculation examinations, art courses, computer courses and open public events.

The course selection varies annually. The Summer University aims to embrace courses that have received positive feedback and are effective, besides taking on new challenges.

The language of instruction is Finnish unless otherwise stated. Courses are open to everyone regardless of age, previous education or current study rights. Everyone who has enrolled and paid the course fee has the right to study at the Summer University.

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