Cooperation with higher education

Our general upper secondary schools cooperate actively with higher education as part of the education provided in various subjects and the schools’ other operations. Thanks to this cooperation, you can complete courses offered by universities and universities of applied sciences while still attending general upper secondary school.
Photo: Jussi Hellsten

General upper secondary school helps you find suitable further study options and gain experience of studying at a higher education institution. The cooperation between our general upper secondary schools and higher education institutions will also help you draft your further study path. At the same time, you can develop your study skills and prepare yourself for further studies.   

During your general upper secondary education, you will learn more about various education options both in Finland and abroad. We make use of the learning environments, teaching and experts of higher education institutions in our teaching.  

Examples of our general upper secondary schools’ cooperation with higher education institutions: 

  • visits 
  • campus orienteering events
  • projects 
  • competitions 
  • student shadowing 
  • studies offered by higher education institutions