Support for learning, well-being and schoolwork

On this page, you can find information about how we support the learning, schoolwork, well-being and safety of children and young people. Here, we introduce our support services for learning, the support provided by school social workers and psychologists and our anti-bullying activities.

Our schools support the growth and learning of children and young people in many ways. All adults in a school are responsible for taking care of the pupils’ well-being.   

The family plays an important role in cooperating with the school and supporting the child's learning and schoolwork. 

Various support forms for learning

Each pupil receives the support they need for studying and learning. The needs are individual, which is why support is offered in different forms. Support services for learning and schoolwork may include:   

  • diverse and varied exercises 
  • remedial teaching 
  • studying in flexible teaching groups 
  • special needs teaching 
  • various aid devices and assistants.

Our goal is that as many pupils as possible receive support at their local school. 

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School healthcare

School healthcare is preventive healthcare. It aims to secure healthy growth and development for children and young people. Find the school nurse's contact details on the school website.

Read more about school healthcare (go to the social and healthcare services’ website)

Support and aid when facing issues or trouble

In addition to teachers, schools also have other adults who can provide support when a pupil has trouble with schoolwork or classmates or is feeling down. The school social workers and psychologists are professionals in pupil welfare and can help and support them in various situations. 

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Many external parties and organisations also offer help and support. Read more about the help and support you can get outside school.

For more supportive resources and important links, you can also visit the Youth Helsinki website.(Link leads to external service)