In Vuosaari, people live by the sea, extensive recreational areas and a wide range of services. The metro moves people smoothly in their daily lives and Vuosaari has the population of a medium-sized Finnish city.

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Vuosaari as an area

Vuosaari’s regenerating centre is being built around Vuosaari metro station. With its services and jobs, it connects old and new residential areas such as Aurinkolahti, Kallahti, Kallvikintie, Keski-Vuosaari, Meri-Rastila and Ramsinranta. Vuosaari centre will be completed and, in addition to the apartments, there will be brick-and-mortar retail premises with new services. New facilities have been built for Vuosaari Upper Secondary School, which are also used by local residents in the evenings, as are Vuosaari Sports Centre and Vuosaari House. 
The seaside features, proximity to nature and great outdoor recreation and sports opportunities will remain an important part of Vuosaari’s attraction. The Port of Vuosaari is Finland's most important port for foreign trade.

Kallahdenniemi is a grand esker peninsular jutting out from Vuosaari. Due to its sandy soil, it features a rugged, bright pine forest atypical for Helsinki. The beaches on the peninsular are wide, beautiful, and sandy. The esker continues into the sea as an underwater sandbank.
The grassland on the peninsula is protected as a special nature reserve, as is the meadow that rises up on the tip of the peninsula. Both protected areas and the water area surrounding the peninsula are part of the European Union's Natura 2000 network of valuable natural sites. During the migration season, waterfowl and waders gather on the sandbanks of the peninsula’s beach.

Mustavuori is one of the most valuable forest areas in Helsinki in terms of biodiversity, and it is also home to the most valuable lush forest in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. There are fern scrubs in the low, wet areas and, on the upper inclines, spruce groves and impenetrable, thickly forested slopes. Mustavuori is included in Finland’s national Herb-Rich Forest Conservation Programme as well as partly being a Natura 2000 area.
Mustavuori is also home to the best-preserved World War I fortification in Helsinki. The site includes caves and a gorge, and its structures are protected by the Antiquities Act.

Within walking distance of Vuosaari metro station, you can find Uutela, a large recreational area covering over a hundred hectares of forest and sea shore. It’s a great destination for nature lovers of all ages, and you can engage in enjoyable nature-related activities on Uutela nature trail. 
In Uutela, you can find ancient natural forests and fine high cliffs. In the eastern part of Särkkäniemi, there are meadows and gloe lakes, i.e. ponds that have been closed off from the sea. There are two swamps in the middle of the forests in the northern part. From the beaches, you can see coves and the Sipoo Archipelago. In the middle of Uutela is the old Skata farm. From the tip of Skatanniemi is a magnificent view of the sea. 

Vuosaarenhuippu is a distinctive and wonderful recreational area in Vuosaari. Vuosaarenhuippu’s 60 hectares of varied terrain are suitable for everything from hiking to skiing, birdwatching to nature excursions. 
The outdoor recreation area has information boards and new signposted nature trails. The area’s highest peak rises up to 60 m, and the view from the top is spectacular, with vistas over the whole of Helsinki and Vuosaari Harbour. Vuosaarenhuippu’s 60 hectares of varied terrain is suitable for everything from hiking to skiing, birdwatching to nature excursions.


Local detailed plans determine the land use of an area, where we build housing, offices, parks, streets and other roads, for example.

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Ilmakuva Vuosaaresta
Photo: Lauri Rotko


Kahvikortteli, currently under construction, is set to become the third highlight of Aurinkolahti, in addition to its beach and channel. Kahvikortteli Is located between the sea and the metro, so the best of Aurinkolahti is within walking distance. 
Aurinkolahti is Helsinki's own riviera, as it offers some of the best sandy beaches in the city, away from the urban apartment blocks.

On Kallvikintie, provision is being made for the construction of the Jokeri II light rail line in the 2030s. Housing cooperatives have the opportunity to infill their plots, which means new residents and new services for its service centre. There are also plans to renovate Ilveskorvenpuisto.

Ramsinranta has already seen the construction of detached houses on the seafront. In the future, apartment buildings will also be built in the area. Hotel Rantapuisto will be expanded and a spa will be added. Hotel Vuoranta will be converted into high-quality sheltered housing for the elderly. A new seaside trail is planned right on the seafront. Ramsinranta is also home to the protected Rastilanneva.

In the centre of Vuosaari, the benefits of urban living are combined with a green and maritime environment. 
A new building for Vuosaari Upper Secondary School has been built in the centre, and there is also Vuosaari Sports Centre, Vuosaari House with its library, a health and well-being centre and the Columbus shopping centre. Vuosaari house will be extended with art teaching facilities, and the health and well-being centre with a senior centre and apartments.  New public space, housing, services and jobs will be created in the district's centre. Vuosaari's trump card is the metro, which moves people quickly and easily from one place to another and allows the district to have a pedestrianised centre. Residential tower blocks are already under construction in addition to the Cirrus tower. 
A bidding competition has been organised for the Mosaiikkikortteli block next to Vuosaari Upper Secondary School and for the Cultural Quarter next to Vuosaari House. The Percent for art principle will in future be applied to the centre of Vuosaari.

Vuosaaren metroasema
Photo: Lauri Rotko

Traffic connections

Rail transport will become an increasingly important part of Vuosaari's attraction. In addition to the metro, the aim is to have a light rail line, Raide-Jokeri II, in the area in the 2030s, which would in future bring passengers from north-east and north Helsinki to Vuosaari. Vuosaari Harbour Tunnel provides a direct link to Ring III.


Vuosaari already has a wide range of existing services – shops, sports facilities, playgrounds and schools. The Columbus shopping centre has been built as a bridge connecting the Vuosaari district over Vuotie and the metro line.  
A swimming pool, indoor ball courts and fitness facilities can be found in the expanded Vuosaari Sports Centre, and the internationally renowned Vuosaari House architecture offers cultural experiences for all ages. Vuosaari Social and Health Centre is located in the centre of the district and will be expanded in the coming years with a senior centre.

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Photo: Jussi Hellsten


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Leena Pasonen

Project Director (not Meri-Rastila)
Vuosaari urban development City Executive Office, Regional Construction

Tuukka Linnas

Team Leader
Urban Environment Division, Detailed Planning

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Traffic Engineer
Urban Environment Division, Traffic Planning