Ilmakuva Postipuistosta
Photo: Tero Pajukallio

In the 2030s, North Pasila’s population will grow to over 12,000 residents, and the area will have about two thousand jobs. In 2019, residential construction began in Postipuisto, an area formerly used as a logistics centre. The area will have over 5,000 residents. 

Southern Postipuisto will cover 17 hectares, and extend from Ilmala station to the Posti sorting centre. The area in Ilmala station’s immediate vicinity will have office space. The detailed plan also allows for building a hotel at the station. The housing will be placed in the area’s centre and on the edge of Central Park.  The area will mainly consist of closed blocks, but the edge of Central Park will also have free-standing buildings. The area is getting a day-care centre. 

Zones and plans

The detailed local plans determine an area’s land use. For example, it shows where we can build housing, offices and parks, or where the roads and other pathways are.  

Postipuisto's plans on a map - Open larger map(Link leads to external service)

Parking in the Postipuisto area

Postipuisto is being built quickly, and its traffic arrangements and public transport connections will improve as the construction progresses. Postipuisto’s first homes will be ready in 2020, and construction will actively continue in the area until the mid-2020s. The streets will be finished completely as the construction progresses and when it becomes possible in terms of construction logistics. 

The Postipuisto area has a parking ban that only allows parking in designated parking spots. These spots on the side of the road, designated parking areas, or car parks are indicated by the ‘P’ sign. Parking in other spots is prohibited. 

At the moment, residents and guests can use the following parking methods: 

Get a parking spot from your company’s parking facility or car park. 

Ask your housing company’s property manager about available spots.  

Park your car in a temporary spot in the car park on block 17124.  

The parking spot requires a rental agreement, which the person using the spot makes with Postipuiston Pysäköinti Oy. The contact person for temporary parking spot rentals is marjo.juuti(at) or the property manager joonas.siponen(at)  

Guest and visitor parking on access streets and collector roads. 

Street-side guest and visitor parking spots become available when the adjacent properties are ready, and the streets are finished. When all of Postipuisto’s construction projects are finished, there will be an estimated 240 street-side guest and visitor spots. The spots will have a four-hour parking limit from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., enforced by the City of Helsinki’s Parking Control. 

Parking principles 

As per the detailed plan, parking in Postipuisto is arranged on a curved collector road (Postiljooninkatu) and the area’s lot access streets. Residents’ parking spots are under the yard decks. Other parking spots for residents are in three car parks. The time-limited guest and visitor parking spots will be street-side. 

During Postipuisto’s construction, the regional construction logistics operator (Sitowise Oy) will coordinate temporary parking and route arrangements. Aimo Park, Palmia and the City of Helsinki are currently responsible for parking control. 

Contact information

Coordination of construction and planning 

Helsinki City Executive Office neighbourhood construction 

Päivi Ahlroos, Project Manager 
paivi.ahlroos (@)
Puh. (09) 310 23661