Pasila hämärässä
Pasila is the most accessible place in Finland and a key area for commercial construction in Helsinki. The amount of housing and services offered is also rapidly increasing.

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The Pasila area

As new offices and commercial spaces are built, the number of jobs in Pasila will double to about 50,000 by 2040. Commercial spaces that generate jobs are being built in every part of Pasila. The area’s population will nearly triple to 30,000. Additionally, Pasila will strengthen its role as an event district and a place that offers diverse services. 

A modernising Pasila offers plenty of different housing options alongside smoothly operating public transport connections. Pasila’s population will nearly triple by 2040. 

There are plans for Middle Pasila, in particular, that combine housing and new types of jobs, whereas Postipuisto is being built primarily to meet housing needs. 

Pasila’s new areas will be built with urban design principles. In the future, Pasila will offer a wide range of flats, from low-rise blocks to tower blocks with breath-taking views. The residential blocks of Pasila’s different areas will be finished in stages. 

Zones and plans

The detailed local plans determine an area’s land use. For example, they show where we can build housing, offices and parks, or where the roads and other pathways are.  

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Transport links

Pasila is at the crossroads of transport routes with excellent connections to Helsinki’s city centre and across Finland using any mode of transport. Pasila’s two stations, Pasila station and Ilmala station, are emerging as very important public transport hubs, where it’s easy to switch from one transport mode to another. Both stations also have frequent trains to the airport. 

Photo: Roni Rekomaa


Pasila has diverse services. 

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Contact information

Päivi Ahlroos

Project Director
Coordination of construction and planning