Photo: Tero Pajukallio

Lots of new offices, commercial spaces and housing are coming to Ilmala, a district known as the hub for Finland’s TV and radio operations. The construction of new office buildings is concentrated near the Ilmala station, and residential construction on the edge of Central Park in the Pöllölaakso area, and on Radiokatu. 

Zones and plans

The detailed local plans determine an area’s land use. For example, it shows where we can build housing, offices and parks, or where the roads and other pathways are.  

Ilmala's plans on a map - Open larger map(Link leads to external service)

Contact information

Coordination of construction and planning 

Helsinki City Executive Office neighbourhood construction 

Päivi Ahlroos, Project Manager 
paivi.ahlroos (@)
Puh. (09) 310 23661