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General upper secondary education in different languages

There are some general upper secondary schools in Helsinki where you can study in a language other than Finnish or Swedish. Please note that the marticulation examination you have to take in Finnish or Swedish, but the International Baccalaureate (IB programme) is taught and completed fully in English. Learn more about the different options in Helsinki and our neighbouring cities!
Photo: Jussi Hellsten

English-language options the City's general upper secondary schools 

You can complete your studies fully or partly in English at the following general upper secondary schools run by the City of Helsinki: 

The IB programme at Ressu Upper Secondary School is completed fully in English.

Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Languages offers a bilingual Finnish-English study programme, which uses both languages in the teaching. Please note that you can take the matriculation examination tests only in Finnish.

Options in private and state-run general upper secondary schools

In Helsinki, there are also private general upper secondary schools that provide opportunities to study in different languages. Additionally, some study options are available in English in other municipalities near Helsinki. Read more about each general upper secondary school on their own websites.