Client panels

Client panels play a pivotal role in making our health and social services more client-oriented. Through these panels, we gather crucial information directly from our clients, enabling us to enhance the functionality of our services.

What is a client panel?

Client panels help us develop our services to better meet the needs of our clients. With the help of the panels, we actively seek and incorporate valuable feedback from our clients in planning and developing our services. In addition to our clients, our personnel also participate in the panels. The panels vary in size and methods, with the added convenience of electronic meetings when necessary.

Client panels in health and social services

We have established client panels across several of our health and social service units. The purpose of the panels is to develop our services through the valuable ideas and insights of our clients. Panels are typically initiated to address specific areas requiring development. They also serve as regular forums for discussions and service improvements in various sectors, such as service housing for people with disabilities (weekly meetings) or senior centres for the elderly (community meetings).

Our personnel play a key role in coordinating the activities of our panels. At the moment, the majority of the panels for our services are closed, meaning that the members of the panels have already been invited from among our clients. These dedicated members serve as volunteers and are bound by strict confidentiality obligations. Selected panel members are provided with comprehensive information about how the panel functions.

We provide information about open panels and opportunities for participation locally and through multiple communication channels.

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