Experts by experience in health and social services

Our experts by experience have first-hand knowledge, either personal or through someone close to them, of some mental or physical illness, disability or other difficult life situation.

Our experts by experience harness the knowledge they have gained through personal experience and expert-by-experience training to help others. Their duties can include:

  • serving as an expert by experience or peer instructor within our services
  • collaborating as partners for professionals in different groups
  • acting as an expert or developer at training events, seminars or co-creation workshops

How to get involved

Our activities involving experts by experience primarily occur on weekdays. Before finalising any agreement, you have the flexibility to discuss and tailor the activities with your designated liaison person according to your preferences. The agreed-upon responsibilities are typically temporary in nature, and compensation will be provided for your contributions. Additionally, if you wish, you can also engage as a volunteer in the activities involving experts by experience. 

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