Maisema Viikissä
In Viikki, eight kilometres from the city centre, town and countryside meet.

Viikki as an area

With the completion of the Jokeri Light Rail, Viikki will also see a lot of new housing and commercial space.

The cultural and historical landscape and natural areas provide a framework for housing, jobs, research, study and leisure. The Jokeri Light Rail will attract more business to Viikki by developing the area into a sustainable innovation hub.

Construction in Viikki started in the 1990s and most of the zoned areas have already been built. Helsinki's new master plan and the construction of the Jokeri Light Rail will launch the next phase of development inviting, which will continue well into the 2030s. New housing and services for around 6,000 people are planned near the tramway stops. There are also plans to expand the campus area.

The Science Park is the functional centre of Viikki and also a campus of more than 6,000 students. The Science Park campus is a centre for teaching and research in life sciences, agriculture and forestry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine at the University of Helsinki.
The campus area is also home to a growing number of businesses born from the local expertise. Parks, nature reserves and university research fields bring nature and the countryside close together. 
Other organisations operating in the Viikki area include: the Finnish Environment Institute, Natural Resources Institute Finland and the Finnish Food Safety Authority.

Viikin tiedepuisto
Photo: Tero Pajukallio

Eko-Viikki is the first ecologically planned district in Finland. The planning of the area has been based on the principle of a sustainable, healthy and adaptable living environment. The same principles will continue to guide the planning of the area.

Viikki's recreational areas form an important natural and recreational area for the Helsinki green area network. The nature and recreation area starts from the Vanhankaupunginlahti nature reserve at Arabianranta and Kivinokka, continues north through the fields of Viikki to the Kivikko outdoor park and on to Vantaa and the Sipoo wilderness. The development of residential areas is also directly linked to this central park in the east of Helsinki. Cows can be seen grazing in the area of the University of Helsinki research facilities. 

Viikin koetila
Photo: Tero Pajukallio


Local detailed plans determine the land use of an area, where we build housing, offices, parks, streets and other roads, for example.

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Traffic connections

Jokeri Light Rail is an express tramway line to be built between Itäkeskus and Keilaniemi, replacing bus line 550. The fast tramway will make it easier to travel from Viikki to other city districts. There will be two new Jokeri Light Rail stops for the Viikki area: Viikki Science Park and Latokartano. New pedestrian and cycle paths are planned around the stops. 
Viikki is being planned as a rail hub, as the city is also preparing the Viikki-Malmi Light Rail master plan, according to which a new light rail line is planned for North-eastern Helsinki. The Viikki-Malmi Light Rail will be a new route from the city centre to Kumpula, Viikki, Latokartano and the Malmi Airport area, and on to Malmi or Jakomäki.


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Project Director
Urban development in Viikki

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Urban development in Viikki