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Myllypuro is a diverse district along the metro in Helsinki.

Uutta asuntokantaa Myllypurossa

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Myllypuro as an area

In Myllypuro, construction is especially taking place near the centre. In addition to the modern centre, the area has cosy residential areas, including the wooden urban village of Puu-Myllypuro.

In Myllypuro, you will find an old residential area with schools, day care centres and service buildings. The new Karhukallio residential area is also being built. As much of the area's natural environment as possible has been preserved. 


The regeneration of Myllypuro's centre continues. The new shopping centre and metro station will be surrounded by residential buildings and a wealth of services, complemented by new educational establishments. For example, Myllypuro offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities, which are used by people from far and wide. It is planned that Myllypuro Health Centre will be expanded into a health and well-being centre with a wide range of services. 

In the coming years, the main focus will be on housing in the Karhukallio area, on detached house areas and on infill projects in the centre. A diverse residential area is planned for Karhukallio, where, among other things, wooden apartment buildings will be built. Geothermal heating will be favoured in the area.


The Real Estate and Construction Campus is adjacent to the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences' Centre of Excellence for Social and Health Sciences, whose proximity helps students to understand the holistic impact of construction on life and health.
The campus will be complemented by the Stadi Construction and Building Technology Vocational College and the Upper Secondary School of Languages. The number of students will increase from 6,000 to 8,500. In fact, a large number of student apartments have been completed and are under construction in Myllypuro. 

Myllypuro Campus


Myllypuro has plenty of outdoor trails. Outdoor trails continue east along Mustapuronlaakso to Mellunkylä, Broända brook meadows and through to Vartiokylä bay, Mustavuori and Östersundom. Walking west along the brook meadows, you can reach the Hallainvuori and Viikki nature reserves and Vanhakaupunki bay.
In the rocky forest north of Kauppamyllyntie is a group of ten giant cherry trees. To the east of Ratasmyllyntie is Korkeakallio where the core of the most impressive artillery battery in Helsinki's land fortifications is located. This site is protected by the Antiquities Act and the zoning plan.
Alakivenpuisto park has been renovated and offers nice places to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The park's special lighting changes shape according to the seasons.



Local detailed plans determine the land use of an area, where we build housing, offices, parks, streets and other roads, for example.

Traffic connections

Myllypuro is located along the metro and Ring 1. By metro, the journey from Myllypuro centre to Helsinki city centre takes about 16 minutes. Jokeri Light Rail is an express tramway line to be built between Itäkeskus and Keilaniemi, replacing bus line 550. 


Use the below to find out more about the services in the area. 

Contact information

Myllypuro urban development
Ritva Tanner
Project Director
Tel. 09 310 25560

Assi Rautanen
Project Engineer
assi.rautanen (@)

Lotta Suominen (Karhukallio area)
Project Manager, Jokeri Light Rail urban development project
tel. 09,310 38510

Linda Toivonen (Karhukallio area)
Project Engineer
Tel. 09 310 27945