Munkkiniemi square
Munkkiniemi, to the west of the city centre, will be developed with the planning of the express tramway. The future Western Boulevard City district will start at Munkkiniemi square on Huopalahdentie and extend to Vanha viertotie.

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Munkkiniemi as an area

Huopalahdentie, with its express tramway stops, will link the districts of Munkkiniemi, Munkkivuori and Niemenmäki in a zipper-like fashion. The area will be home to 2,500 new residents.

The central employment area will be located south of the Turunväylä junction. In addition to the renovated Munkkivuori shopping centre, commercial services will be located in street-level retail premises along Huopalahdentie. The development of the area will take place in stages and will require several changes to the zoning plans between Munkkiniemi square and Vanha viertotie.

The zoning changes related to the street area and the express tramway will be made in the street plan of Huopalahdentie. Work on the zoning plan started in the winter of 2020–2021.

Munkkiniemi business space south side Photo: Sakari Röyskö
Munkkiniemi business space south side Photo: Sakari Röyskö


Local detailed plans determine the land use of an area, where we build housing, offices, parks, streets and other roads, for example.

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The south end of Huopalahdentie will retain its current city structure. The changes brought about by Western Boulevard City will be visible in the street area, as the express tramway and its stops will be placed in the middle of the existing street area. At the same time, driving lanes, cycle paths, pavements and plants will be replaced.

The main changes on Huopalahdentie relate to the Turunväylä junction and its transformation from the current wide junction to a more compact T-junction.  In the same context, the alignment of Huopalahdentie will be changed, freeing up an area on the east side of the street that can be converted into a block of land for construction.

This rezoning on the west side of Niemenmäki will start in the early 2020s. South of the Turunväylä junction, an area of commercial and office buildings is planned. The zoning changes are scheduled for the early to mid-2020s.

Huopalahdentie Photo: Sakari Röyskö
Huopalahdentie Photo: Sakari Röyskö

The role of Munkkivuori shopping centre as the commercial centre of the area will be strengthened in the future. As more people move into the area, the grocery stores in the shopping centre will need to expand. New housing is also planned  near the shopping centre.

The new traffic arrangements on Huopalahdentie will require changes to the boundaries of the shopping centre plots and the Huopalahdentie street area in the city plan. Work on changing the shopping centre zoning plan already started in spring 2020. Learn about and follow the renovation of the shopping centre in the map service.

Infill development is planned along the northern part of Niemenmäki and Niemenmäentie. The eastern part of this area is bordered by the central green area of the area, Korppaanpuisto, which offers good conditions for planning the area as a residential quarter overlooking the park areas, complementing Niemenmäki.

The western part of the area is located next to the Munkkivuori shopping centre on the east side of Huopalahdentie. The area is centrally located and more urban than the previous one. It complements the service structures of the local centre with its street-level shops and squares. Changes to the city plan are scheduled to start in the area in the late 2020s. The central square and street areas in the plan frame solution are being planned in the context of the Huopalahdentie street plan.

The placement of the express tramway tracks, the necessary turnaround tracks and the smooth bicycle and pedestrian connections and plants associated with the boulevardisation require a review of the street area boundaries between Lapinmäentie and Vanha viertotie. The recreational and green connection between Tali Outdoor Park and Kangaspelto Park will be developed and the underpass in the area will be improved.

During 2022, a zoning change has been prepared for the eastern part of the Tali Outdoor Park to allow for the construction of a new sports and recreation building on Huopalahdentie and the rearrangement of parking areas. The area to the north-east of Ulvilantie and to the west of Canon's headquarters, as shown in the plan, will be developed with housing, taking into account the sensitive rocky terrain and the natural values of the area. This plan change will take place around 2023–2024.

Lapinmäentie Photo: Sakari Röyskö
Lapinmäentie Photo: Sakari Röyskö

Traffic connections

In the future, the express tramway will run from Helsinki city centre via Munkkiniemi, Haaga and Lassila to Kannelmäki. Along the route, you can change to, for example, the Jokeri Light Rail at Haaga roundabout or the commuter trains at Valimo and Pohjois-Hague stations.

Huopalahdentie and Vihdintie will become urban boulevards. They are good for walking or cycling, and there are two lanes for cars in each direction. A new high-quality cycle lane will connect the area to Huopalahti station.

In 2024, the Jokeri Light Rail will start operating, running through the Haaga roundabout. Jokeri Light Rail will improve cross-traffic from Keilaniemi in Espoo to Itäkeskus in Helsinki, and will also serve the residents of the Western Boulevard City district.


Use the below to find out more about the services in the area. 

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