Malminkartano is a developing green residential area of around 9,000 residents that has a variety of housing types and is close to nature. It is located next to the Ring Rail Line, which is only about 16 minutes by train from the centre of Helsinki.

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Malminkartano as an area

Malminkartano-Kannelmäki is one of the three suburban regeneration areas. Suburban regeneration means the long-term development of Malminkartano through, for example, infill development and the development of services but also smaller short-term measures to improve the urban environment, for instance, in the station region and other public places.

Malminkartano has both blocks of flats and detached houses. A significant number of the houses were built in the 1980s, but housing construction has continued through the following decades up to the present day. 

Malminkartano has excellent outdoor and fitness facilities. The area has beautiful outdoor trails along the Mätäjoki River, and the fitness stairs at Malminkartanonhuippu bring visitors from far and wide. The fitness stairs have been completely renovated in 2021.  

New housing for 1,300 residents is planned for Pihkatie in Malminkartano, on the site of the former AEL institute. The plan is to create a diverse residential area with a stormwater stream meandering through it. A new park is also planned for the area, connecting Pihkapuisto and Malminkartanonhuippu into a green corridor. The possibility of building a regional energy production centre in another parking facility on the area has been considered. 

The planning of Malminkartanonhuippu is under way. The aim is to ensure that the area can be used for a variety of recreational uses.

New land use possibilities for the central part of Malminkartano will be explored through a design competition. The objective of the competition is to find the solution that best combines new construction with nature.

Residential development is planned for the western end of Malminkartanontie through the Re-thinking Urban Housing programme.


Photo: Milla Palkoaho


Local detailed plans determine the land use of an area, for example, where apartments, offices, parks, streets and other roads will be built.

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Traffic connections

Malminkartano is located near excellent public traffic connections. From the Malminkartano train station, the airport and the city centre can be reached by train along the Ring Rail Line. 

Photo: Paavo Jantunen


Malminkartano has all the necessary local services: day-care centres, schools, convenience stores, a health centre, a library and a youth centre. The nearest shopping centres can be found in the neighbouring Kannelmäki and Myyrmäki. 
Malminkartano has great sports and green facilities: neighbourhood parks, playgrounds, outdoor recreation areas along the Mätäjoki River and the western green fingers as well as Malminkartanonhuippu. Ball fields and ice rink as well as the Myyrmäki and Lassila sports parks are also nearby.

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Contact information

Max Takala

Project Director
Malminkartano urban development