Ilmakuva Hernesaaresta

Partial city plan

The Hernesaari partial city plan has been approved by the Helsinki Administrative Court and has taken effect on 18 April 2019.

According to the partial city plan, it is possible to plan housing, workplaces as well as harbour and park areas in Hernesaari. The partial city plan covers an area of approximately 33 hectares.

The partial city plan is a general description of how housing, jobs and recreational areas will be located in the new area. It steers the detailed planning of the area in question.

The Helsinki Supreme Administrative Court of Finland annulled the Hernesaari detailed plan approved by the Helsinki City Council on 19 May 2022. The detailed planning has been resumed.

Hernesaari’s pre-construction works, such as land filling, soil remediation, soil compaction and demolition of old buildings, have been carried out in the area in accordance with the partial city plan.