Kamppi Health and Well-being Centre

We will build a new health and well-being centre in Kamppi that will provide the residents of the city centre with accessible, diverse and modern public social welfare and health care services.
Alsuatava havainnekuva jossa  kolme rakennusta, katua, taivasta

The new building will be erected in the street and market area outlined by the streets Runeberginkatu, Fredrikinkatu, Kampinkuja and Salomonkatu and it is intended to be completed by 2027.

The construction will cause temporary noise and traffic issues and changes to the access routes in the area. In addition to the street environment, vehicles and pedestrians, the project will also impact the underground premises of properties and metro entrances.

The construction site website 

The construction site has a dedicated website through which you can follow the progress of the work: www.yit.fi/kampinthk(Link leads to external service)(Link leads to external service)(in Finnish on YIT website ).

The project in short

The new building planned to be located in the place of the ticket hall building of the western entrance to Kamppi, between Sähkötalo and Autotalo, will in the future house the Kamppi Health and Well-being Centre serving the southern parts of the city, commercial premises, metro station premises and access to the Kamppi metro station.

The new building will increase the number of services available in the Kamppi area and the flow of people. The centre will house the services of 3–4 health centres and it has the capacity required by 140,000 people.

During the project, the street areas will also be improved.

Construction schedule

The actual construction of the new health and well-being centre will commence in Kamppi on 2 January with excavation work. Work started in early 2023 with preparatory work to make the site ready for construction. The site has been granted a building permit on 9th November 2023.

The building and its surroundings are intended to be completed by the end of the year 2027.

The schedules are preliminary and the can be changed during the project.

Local detailed plan 

The planning and preparation of the city centre have been under way since 2021 when the City Council approved the project plan for new building.

The Urban Environment Committee approved the change to the local detailed plan in late 2021, and the City Council approved the change in 2022.