Information content of the invoices

Providing the correct information ensures that the invoices are processed quickly and paid in a timely manner.

Any invoices submitted with deficient or erroneous entries will be returned to the sender. In these cases, we cannot be held liable for any payment delays that this may cause. The invoices must always meet the requirements of the Value Added Tax Act on invoice entries. More information is available on the Finnish Tax Administration’s website.(Link leads to external service)

Furthermore, please note the following instructions when submitting an invoice:

Order number

As the invoicing party, you must always include the order number, which is provided in the top right corner of our order form, in the invoice. In Finvoice e-invoices, our order number must be entered in the data element <OrderIdentifier> (please note the City of Helsinki’s own order number).


Order form

We request that your sales organisation requires all parties that submit orders for the City of Helsinki to fill in the appropriate order form. This ensures that your invoicing department receives a specific order number for each order.


Every order is invoiced on a separate invoice

Every order must be invoiced on a separate invoice. In other words, you may not aggregate multiple orders on a single invoice.

Agreement number

Agreement-based invoices must always use the agreement number specific to the customer and agreement. In Finvoice e-invoices, our agreement number must be entered in the data element <AgreementIdentifier>.