Invoices addressed to the City

This page provides information about the e-invoicing addresses and payment terms of the City of Helsinki.

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The City of Helsinki only accepts invoices as e-invoices. The payment term for invoices addressed to the City of Helsinki must be at least 21 days.

The e-invoicing addresses, i.e. EDI codes, of divisions and enterprises are in the format 003702012566 + the division-specific identifier.

The business ID of the City of Helsinki is 0201256-6.

Invoicing addresses

The City’s e-invoicing addresses are listed in the PDF file provided below. The file was updated in September 2022.

City of Helsinki e-invoicing addresses (pdf) (in Finnish)

The online payment intermediary is Basware Oyj, which uses the operator code BAWCFI22.

Free e-invoicing service

The service and goods suppliers that do not have their own invoicing system with e-invoicing capabilities can send free e-invoices to the City of Helsinki through the supplier portal.

Use of the service requires registration.

Sending an e-invoice to the City through Basware’s service(Link leads to external service)

When first accessing the service, you must register by entering your e-mail address. You can then log in using your own credentials.

Quick guide to using the service